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Arduino Wireless SD Shield

A new toy just arrived for me to mess around with. I bought it mainly for the ability to do data logging and as a side project to learn about wireless communications. Look for posts on this wireless SD shield

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Programming your Arduino with an AVRISP mkII with the new 1.0 IDE

A while back a wrote up instructions on how to program an Arduino with an AVRISP mkII. Back then the current software for the Arduino IDE was set at 0022 and it required you to modify a file to get

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How to program your Arduino Uno with an AVRISP mkII

Have an AVRISP mkII that you want to use to program your Arduino Uno and still use the Arduino IDE? Well this post will show you how.This post assumes you have an Arduino Uno, running Windows XP, and have the

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Getting Started with an Arduino Uno on a Mac

Enjoyed the post about my Arduino based digital thermometer? Today I’m going back to the basics. I’ll outline from start to finish how to get your first sketch up and running on an Arduino Uno using a Mac. This post

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DIY Arduino based digital thermometer

After playing around with my Arduino and learning how to blink LEDs, display stuff on an LCD and reading temperature I decided to build a home made DIY digital thermometer. So this is what I came up with. It shows

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