Door will not unlock on my Pontiac G8

Wouldn’t you know it. It’s Friday the 13th and bad luck has already started today. For the third time, my driver door decided it would no longer unlock. Tried the button on the key fob, nothing. Tried using the actual key, nothing. Crawled in from the passenger side and tried to move the manual lock lever on the door, nothing. This thing was stuck!

First time it happened, I chalked it up to the cold. It was freezing outside and after driving for a few minutes and the car got warm inside and started working. The second time was two nights ago. I was late in the night and cold outside. Similar conditions. Although, being I’m from Chicago, the cold is nothing new. We’ve had plenty of cold days here over this winter, some of them far colder than two nights ago. This morning, happened again. At the time it was 6:30am and I was trying too leave for work.

So I’m sitting at work fuming, waiting for the dealership to open their phone lines so I could call them up. At 9am I checked the car, door still would not unlock. I call up the dealership and they want me to bring it in on Monday. Great. What am I supposed to do all weekend? Shuffle in from the passenger side?

I begin bitching over the phone about not being able to get in my car all weekend and that it’s less than a year old. He suddenly changes his tune and says for me to bring it in as soon as I can and he might be able to squeeze me in today. Only, it still wouldn’t guarantee that it would get fixed, especially if they need to order parts. Also, he made sure to mention that my type of problem doesn’t warrant getting a rental for the weekend. WTF! What am I supposed to do?

I go and talk to my boss to let me leave for a little so I can go over to the deater and bitch them out in person. He agreed and as I go outside, I walk toward the passenger side, preparing to climb in.  I hit the unlocker and I see the lock move on the driver side.  Walked around, and sure enough, now it opens.  I tell myself, “what’s the point?”. I know if I go over there and it’s working, they are just going to send me on my way.  I decide to talk to my boss and told him next time it happens in the morning, I’m going to go straight there and throw a fit for a rental or loaner car.  Maybe they’ll be more sympathetic when I get out of my less then 1 year old G8, Pontiac’s flagship car, via the passenger door.

Ah, feel much better now letting it out.  Sometimes I wonder why the American car manufacturers are having such a hard time selling cars and are in deep trouble with today’s economic slowdown. These dealships seems to be employed by a bunch of uncaring individuals.