Hit a devastating roadblock? Get those creative juices flowing!

Hit a devastating roadblock? Get those creative juices flowing!

Discover your Chronobiology

Ever hit a road block when you sit in front of the computer to write material for your blog or website? Happens to all of us, even myself. Humans are different, we are all individuals. And being individuals affects when we are at our most creative. Everyone is different and therefore everyone is their most creative at different parts of the day. I know for myself, my creativeness never kicks into high gear at the same moment as when I sit down in front of the computer to write.

Biologically my most creativeness is always earlier in the day, not during the evening when I typically get on the computer to write. Interestingly there are scientists who study this sort of thing, it’s called Chronobiology. They study what most people refer to as our ‘Biological Clock’.

Below are three tips for when you figure out when you are at your most creative mindset.

The ideal situation

If you discover that you are at your most creative at a time of the day where it is easy to schedule free time, take advantage immediately. Your best work will be done at this time and you are at a great advantage when compared to the rest of us. You not only get your ideas, but can form them into your best quality work during this time. Unfortunetaly, this is not the case for many, myself included. So what are we to do?

Old School: Get a pen and paper

Always keep it handy so when you are at your most creative, you can jot down your ideas while they are fresh in your head. This way when you sit in front of the computer you won’t draw a blank. You will have had your ideas already written down. One quick read of your ideas should be able to jog your memory enough to get your started. Don’t want to write it down but have an old tape recorder lying around? You know those small hand held ones you see reporters using in TV and movies? Grab it and leave yourself voice messages as the ideas pop into your head.

Considering that it is never a smart thing to turn in your first (rough) draft, print out your completed article and put it in your pocket and carry it with you. The next day, a few minutes of your time should suffice to read over your work and proof read it when you are at your most creative. At this time it will be easier to catch any mistakes, mark them to be fixed, and make a note or two if you plan on changing anything. It is definitely easier to proof read real quick than spend 30-40 minutes or longer writing at the time when you are at your most creative mindset.

New School: Put technology to work

Got a fancy smartphone and a good, reliable internet connection from somewhere like cox internet? Take advantage. Get yourself a good note taking app to help your organize your ideas. I like Evernote, which I use, with my iPhone. I do believe they make that app for other phones as well, so whether you use an Android powered phone, a Blackberry, or a Windows phone, you’re in luck. It’s dead simple to take notes on. It also allows you to attach pictures from your phone’s camera or attach a voice recording. I find Evernote a great resource to help me remember my ideas that pop up earlier in the day.

After I’m done writing, I will either open it from the WordPress app the next day right from my phone and do a quick edit or I’ll go with the old school method and print it out.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. A couple of tips to get you writing and editing when you are at your most creative. These small tips should help you to produce your best work and give you a boost in readership for you blog or site.

If you find this article helpful, let me know. Leave some feedback in the comment area

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