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Don’t be a victim of catastrophic data loss. Protect yourself.

Do you have a backup plan for your website or blog in the event of a hard drive crash, server crash or some other form of harm like getting hacked? If you don’t, you should. Many people take computers for

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Hit a devastating roadblock? Get those creative juices flowing!

Discover your Chronobiology Ever hit a road block when you sit in front of the computer to write material for your blog or website? Happens to all of us, even myself. Humans are different, we are all individuals. And being

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RSS? What is that? RSS explained

Are you curious as to what to do with an RSS feed or don’t know what it is?. I can see where it could be confusing when first looked at by those who are not technology gurus. So here I

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Cloud Computing, is it really that reliable?

Just when I started looking into and researching the advantages of cloud computing I hear about the problems Amazon has been having for the last day and a half with their Amazon Web Service (AWS). What is cloud computing? The

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Yep, I’m guilty of these productivity sins

I recently ran across a post that talks about 5 productivity sins with regards to blogging. I’d have to say it was a pretty good read and I’m guilty of most of them, 4 out of 5 to be exact.

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