Yep, I’m guilty of these productivity sins

Yep, I’m guilty of these productivity sins

I recently ran across a post that talks about 5 productivity sins with regards to blogging. I’d have to say it was a pretty good read and I’m guilty of most of them, 4 out of 5 to be exact.

Checking Stats: Guilty! While I don’t really check for this blog, I do manage a different blog and two website forums. I’m constantly checking the Analytics and Adsense for those sites even though the Analytics only updates once a day.

Blog Commenting: Guilty! I’m horrible at either not commenting enough on other posts that I enjoyed reading, and double guilty for not sending people back to a similar post I may have (which is not many at the moment). I tend to simply put in a link directly to my homepage instead of a related post.

Social Media: Guilty! I tend to spend to much time checking Facebook and Twitter on my personal accounts when I should be brainstorming or typing up a post for this blog I’d like to get going.

Emails: Finally, not guilty! This is probably because I don’t get that many emails throughout the day anyways so there really is no way for me at the moment to be guilty of this.

Design Tweaks: Guilty! I’m constantly playing around with the design of this site, tweaking this and tweaking that. I guess I’m being too critical of myself when it comes to the design and I can’t just leave it alone.

In the end, after thinking about these productivity sins, I really need to change my act. I gotta spend more time brainstorming ideas and turning those ideas into posts people may want to read. Maybe this is one of the reasons I was never a scholar when it came to English back in the school days. I don’t spend enough time concentrating on my writing. From here on out, I will try my best to alleviate myself of these issues and get to posting to good, interesting topics.


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7 Comments on “Yep, I’m guilty of these productivity sins

  1. I’m actually only guilty of one, checking my stats, but even so it doesn’t take me all that long.

    I do get a lot of emails but I have a program that automatically deletes the spam and as to the rest I don’t think it hurts my productivity as it’s important I check them because some of them lead to money opportunities.

    • Since I’ve written this post, I have gotten much better. I still check my stats regularly throughout the day, but it’s easy since it’s the first thing I see when I log into the wordpress dashboard. But for everything else, it’s not longer a problem.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I really dig the comments design, John!

    I’m pretty guilty of just throwing in the URL of the front page of a blog rather than a specific post when commenting on other blogs … thanks for calling me on it! Haha šŸ˜€

    • Thanks for the kind words about the commenting design!

      And what a relief it is to hear I’m not the only one who’s guilty of taking the easy way out in terms of linking back to myself in a blog post.

  3. Hi John,

    Commenting on blogs is something I think you have to be in the habit of doing. I’ve tried to do it so many times, but I get too caught up in writing new posts! I have several blogs so they require quite a lot of content to keep them all fresh.

    Thanks for the submission to Spam Comment, by the way. šŸ™‚

    • No problem. I been trying more and more to get into the habit of commenting on posts. It’s a lot of work!

      But that habit is what led me to your spam comment blog, so it looks like that commenting really does work. I never would have found your spam comment blog without commenting and reading others comments.

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