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How to program your Arduino Uno with an AVRISP mkII

Have an AVRISP mkII that you want to use to program your Arduino Uno and still use the Arduino IDE? Well this post will show you how.This post assumes you have an Arduino Uno, running Windows XP, and have the

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Getting Started with an Arduino Uno on a Mac

Arduino Uno

Enjoyed the post about my Arduino based digital thermometer? Today I’m going back to the basics. I’ll outline from start to finish how to get your first sketch up and running on an Arduino Uno using a Mac. This post

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Arduino Starter Kits

arduino uno

So I got an Arduino Uno for Christmas and can’t stop messing around with it. It’s a great microcontroller platform for developing home brew embedded microcontroller projects. I have already completed 2 projects of my own using some Picaxe chips

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My home-brew cat deterrent circuit

prototype cat deterant schematic

A few weeks ago I came across a circuit online on showing how to automatically turn on the heated seats in a G8. The author of the post basically provided all the details on how to accomplish this by building

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