Arduino Starter Kits

Arduino Starter Kits

So I got an Arduino Uno for Christmas and can’t stop messing around with it. It’s a great microcontroller platform for developing home brew embedded microcontroller projects. I have already completed 2 projects of my own using some Picaxe chips (which are based on Microchip’s PIC microcontrollers) and I’m really enjoying learning and working on my own designs. The Arduino platform uses Atmel’s AVR line of chips, more specifically the ATMega328. It possesses more power and I/O pins than what I’ve been working with currently so I’m really exited to work with a development platform that will allow me to create more complex projects.

I found this great chart online that outlines a lot of the starter kits, currently available from different distributors, designed to help beginners get up and running in a hurry. It’s a great chart for anyone looking to get into the Arduino development platform. More information about Arduino can be found on their site,

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