Getting listed with Technorati

Getting listed with Technorati

Today I decided to try and get myself listed in Technorati’s blog listing. So I sign up for the site and create my account over there. Next step is to claim my blog. They say I need to prove that I have authoring capabilites in order to claim a blog.

How do I claim a blog? According to them I need to make a post and stick a token code that they provide in that post. This post needs to be publicly visible and available in my RSS feed.

Well, this post is the one I’m using for that. So for all the other newbie bloggers who may come across this post, hope it helps you as well. I hear that Technorati is a great place to get your blog listed. Backlinks are a great thing to have. After all, what’s the point in posting your thoughts if no one is going to read them? I would recommend having quite a few backlinks in your site as well as trying to get as many sites as possible to write about you too. This is a pretty nifty SEO trick and is almost essential if you want your site to be found easily. Of course, there are also other SEO hints and tips that you could implement to help your site, or alternatively, you could use the services of the SEO specialists over at Victorious. Sometimes it’s best leaving it up to the professionals, especially if you’re new and not too sure what you’re doing. It also means you can focus on writing content for the blog rather than having to take on too many tasks.

Anyways, back to research for other ways to expose my blog to others!



I got confirmation from Technorati that my claim has been received and I can remove the claim token. My site is currently awaiting review. I wonder how long that takes.

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    • I’m not sure I follow you on where I’ve been. Judging by your picture you look familiar, but I could be wrong.

      I read your post on technorati and it was an interesting read. I only just discovered technorati from reading some other blog posts while googling way to increase my blog traffic. I’ll give them a shot and see what happens. It’s a free service so I figured it can’t hurt.

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