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Pong LED Clock

This is a pretty neat gadget. Shows time by playing pong! It’s pretty cool how the scoring is actually the time that is being displayed. For example, when it changes is when you’ll see one of the sides score a

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Arduino Starter Kits

So I got an Arduino Uno for Christmas and can’t stop messing around with it. It’s a great microcontroller platform for developing home brew embedded microcontroller projects. I have already completed 2 projects of my own using some Picaxe chips

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Remote Heated Seat Module Installed

Since I was off today from work, I got busy in the garage installing my home built Remote Heated Seat Module in my 2008 Pontiac G8. Very clean install. No wires or holes cut. Nothing showing. Module is sitting in

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Remote Heated Seat Module

Inspired by a thread I saw on I built my very own remote heated seat module. It’s actually a pretty simple circuit. It simulates the pressing of the heated seat buttons automatically when I remote start my car (G8

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AutoBlender Tree Protector

My AutoBlender Cat Repeller works so well on the counter top it only makes sense to use it to keep the cats out of the Christmas tree. Yesterday I took it off the counter top and placed it under the

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